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Dream Trains Made Real

(563) 880-9033

Bringing Old Toy Trains Back to Life

Little Steamers is a company based in Monona, Iowa. We have been in business for more than 30 years. Our team of highly talented and dedicated servicemen has more than 50 years of combined industry experience. We love what we do and we take pleasure in sharing with you the joy of restoring vintage toy train collections.

About Our Owner

American Flyer trains have been a great part of our younger years. My father and uncle purchased Flyer when they took on jobs trucking to Chicago following their discharges from the US Army in 1946. Dale’s father continued purchasing sets as they became available from his friends and through local newspaper ads.

After the demise of the A. C. Gilbert Company in the 60s, Dale and his family scavenged parts from old trains to keep their trains running. Eventually, Dale began offering repair services for friends while he was still in school. He also bought old sets as his friends lost interest in their toy trains.

Dale and his family’s hobby soon turned into a small business as they opened a store on eBay. Through the years they have managed to purchase parts from four retired dealers. They also acquired an old dealer's service station.

Business at Present

With the help of Dale’s wife Jane, and son Reed, the company now has available reproduction parts and some new/old original stock. They have gathered a large number of engines to be used as parts for train sets. At present, the company goes to train shows around the Midwest and has expanded its service work with the addition of a new shop.

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